In Like a Lion

Looks like we’re in for some weather here, but the old adage states: “If the month of March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb”. How will you “roar” this month? Commit to finding some type of physical activity which makes you feel powerful, whether that is CrossFit, P90X or mastering simhasana in your yoga practice. 


Weights and Measures

So the digital display on the treadmill says that you’ve burned eleventy-seven calories: can you believe that? Unlikely. Read this article I recently published to get a custom tailored picture of your body’s calorie melting capacity. 

Re-Charge Your Resolutions

Has the winter weather derailed your exercise goals? If you recently signed up for a gym membership, read my article on how to get the most out of your new fitness tools. 

Whatever you do, keep moving! You’ll feel better after you’ve broken a sweat, I promise.