Work it to the Max? Hmm…

High intensity interval training. Extreme training. CrossFit WODs and AMRAPS. “Push it as hard as you can” has once again become a battle cry in sport and fitness facilities across the globe. But is this really the best approach to fitness? Check out my recently published article at to read more about maximum heart rate training. 


Grim Determination

Every January I’m enraged by the bevy of “diet and weight loss” products that flood the market. Read and understand: DIETS DON’T WORK. The “weight loss industry” WANTS you to fail so that they have another repeat customer for life. Enough is enough! Read on and break free! 


We are designed to move, not to sit. Each time I see survey results like those made public by the CDC earlier this week, I think about how our culture places such a high value on staying parked on our posteriors (in case you’re wondering, I work at a “standing” desk). Can we re-engineer our lives to put a higher priority on physical activity? We’re certainly struggling against a powerful tide, immersed as we are in what has been termed an “obesigenic” culture. Swimming against the currents of daily commutes of ever-increasing length and duration, ceaseless advertising for over sized portions of high calorie foods and beverages, and endless exhortations to sit while passively consuming “screen” media may seem impossible…but heck, if salmon can jump UP waterfalls, I think we can find creative ways to sit less and move more. Now get outside and play!

Balance in All Things

Our ability to maintain balance is nothing short of amazing. Our brains must seamlessly integrate information from our eyes, our ears, and the tiny stretch receptors in all of our muscles, tendons, and joints just to keep us from falling over. We take this ability for granted until it fails us in circumstances such as motion sickness or dizziness related to blood pressure fluctuations. Let 2014 be a year of balance appreciation for us! Train your vestibular (balancing) system daily for a lifetime of optimal performance. Check out this short YouTube video here, and enjoy the equilibrium!