Ring Out the Old

Look back over the last year. Are you where you hoped to be? What has changed? For the better? For the worse? Acknowledge that negative things happened, but don’t dwell on them…let them go. Next year will be better, and it is almost here! 

Interested in tracking your caloric expenditure? There are a number of different products on the market these days, but know this: not all of them have been independently verified. While I am not specifically endorsing this brand, if you are curious follow this link to Bodymedia, which is the manufacturer of one of the most heavily used gadgets by exercise scientists in the United States. 

Interested in tracking your caloric intake? Until Purdue University polishes up TADA, consider using  the smartphone app from SparkPeople.com, a user-supported site which I respect for their grass-roots approach to helping people stay motivated. 

And above all, keep yourself healthy mentally and physically. Give yourself more praise than blame this year. Now go outside and play!


At Last

Yoga. You know you want to. Classes start January 3rd, 2014.




Wrapping Up The Year in a Big Red Bow

2013 has been one heckuva ride. I’m so thankful to have the kindness and support of a wide community made up of friends, family, students and co-workers. The new year is bringing some major challenges, but I know that we can rise up to meet them. Stay active, stay healthy, and express your love every day. 

End of Year Science

The impending new year has ushered in a virtual flood of diet and exercise products which “guarantee” that you’ll be able to use them to lose weight and/or get healthy in 2014. But before you plunk down cash for the latest cookbook, DVD or app, consider this: what type of results have you gotten from similar products in the past? One of the darkest secrets of the diet and fitness industry is the data showing the colossal failure rates of these plans, in large part because of our perfectly normal inability to adhere to rigid restrictions and complicated regimes for a lifetime. 

So what works? May I first point you to Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” which sums up sound nutritional science for the ages…eat (real) food, not too much, mostly plants. Second, the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity within the CDC has compiled the results of research from leading scientists within the field regarding the amounts, quantity, and type of physical activity conducive to health. And finally, my top 3 resources for valid and reliable evaluation of physical activity outcomes are here: the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the user-friendly American Council on Exercise

Be skeptical of any and all claims which urge you to purchase a product. These products FAIL over and over again, keeping 90 percent or more of users stuck on the roller coaster of weight loss and rebound weight regain. Prioritize your health above all other outcomes, as without it, everything else falls apart. Get enough sleep, drink water, play outside, and hug those you love often. Namaste.