Green Giants

We’ve got just this one planet, and its fate is in our hands. Though the challenges seem insurmountable, never give up hope. First, know that just a double handful of companies are the source of carbon dioxide emissions globally. Second, reducing your carbon footprint is not only possible, it improves your family’s health AND wealth. Dare to dream big, and together we can keep Gaia going for another billion years…or more, if our sun holds out or if our technology allows us to build an space-faring ark. 



That’s right, just breathe. Take a moment to explore your breath; is it shallow, deep, longer on the exhalation, longer on the inhalation? Are you holding your breath? Are you breathing into your upper chest under your collarbones or are you sending the breaths down deep, deep into your lungs? Never underestimate the power of your breath to alter your consciousness. Take a few long, SLOW, and deep breaths right now and enjoy. Namaste. 

Brain Candy

I do so love teaching my anatomy students about the nervous system. Scientific investigation of our nerves, spinal cord and brain continues to yield amazing discoveries, like this one presented on As Hu taught Aang in the Nickolodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, “Everything is connected.”