Balancing our internal energy budget is a challenge; it’s a moving target where we seek to provide enough macronutrients such as carbs, protein and fats for optimal nutrition while avoiding caloric intake above and beyond our body’s needs. But “diet” is a four-letter word; we are better served by smart eating plans we can enjoy for a lifetime. It can be argued that about 75% of the energy balance equation depends on or food choices, the other 25% comes from physical activity. So how do you maximize the number of calories you burn during exercise? Check this link out for a quick tutorial. 


Editorial Enlightenment

Writing comes as naturally to me as breathing, but editing remains a challenge. I wanted to share an article on Pilates which I wrote for The Nest Woman recently and much to my surprise, I saw that it had been “padded” by a copy writer/editor. I would have appreciated a little tap from the publisher regarding the changes, although they are minor and do improve “readability”; some of these words, which aren’t mine, have my name on them! Interesting, and perhaps I’ll budget time to review all of “my” published work in light of this development. 

YouTube: More Than Just Cats

Say it with me now: massive online open course ware. Whether squeezing in a weekend workout or tidying ’round the house, I love listening to professors from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Johns Hopkins and now Stanford expounding on subjects ranging from game theory to environmental law to global poverty to population issues to food safety and security…ah, bliss! Here is a link to my current intellectual love affair; human behavioral biology. I can only hope to be as engaging a lecturer as Dr. Sapolsky.