When I teach Pilates, I try to verbally instruct my students such that consciousness infuses every movement. Our founding padre Joe (Joseph Pilates) called his technique Contrology, the study of control. My primary modes of teaching (demonstration, verbal instruction, and the rare hands-on correction) seem to be adequate to the task. When I teach anatomy and physiology at the community college level, I know that I need to provide a bit more in the way of “educational inputs” and subsequently evaluate how well my students are retaining the material. Whether in the studio or in the classroom, however, learning is impossible without one vital ingredient from my students: the ability to pay attention. Hard to do? You betcha. This PDF file is designed to help you eliminate the nonessential until only the essential remains. 


Are You Living Your Values? Look at How You Spend Your Time.

Who has the time to be physically active? After all, you have to endure your commute, work for a minimum of eight hours, find time to eat outside of those eight hours, commute back to your neighborhood, and do the thousand and one daily domestic chores that keep your home from disintegrating right in front of your eyes. Try to squeeze in sleep (eight hours? I hear you laughing) and just how much time is left in the day? 


According to the Census, we Americans park ourselves in front of the tube for 2.5 – 3.0 HOURS of TV daily.  Have you ever done a time analysis? I encourage you to do so. Regardless of your words or your intentions, what you spend your time on is what you truly value. 

Chemistry and Physics: Fun! (Seriously. Fun.)

Yesterday’s class conversation roved widely as it is wont to do, but my enthusiasm peaked for two things in particular: dipping birds and snow globes. Elegant in their simplicity, these things are just so danged cool that you should check ’em out.  Wow your friends with your amazing knowledge (and crafty-ness)!


The weather in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is so lovely. Need an excuse to be active outdoors? Check this out!

Now go outside and play.