Sex and Death (Because it’s not just any Pilates class, we are Contrologists.)

During class warm-up today I mentioned my annoyance with my cat when, a long time ago in a one-room efficiency far, far away, she went into heat. The noises that came from her throat sounded like someone attempting to drown a tauntaun. One of my students mentioned that one of her cats had become pregnant without the traditional yodeling at all hours of the day and night. This prompted me to explore the concept of “silent heat” which, apparently, is more common in dogs than in cats but does indeed exist. Read a little bit about it here if you are so inclined. 

Additionally we went over a few books on our summer reading lists, and another student mentioned Rob Dunn’s The Wild Life of Our Bodies which brought me in mind of Mary Roach’s recent work Gulp, an entertaining book on the digestive system. Her work Stiff, on what happens to us (our bodies, at least) after we die, is still part of my book collection through many moves. 

Discussing this last book naturally led another student to mention the sprouting of Death Cafes in and around the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Cultural responses to mortality are fascinating. 

On that somewhat somber, but inevitable note,  here is a bit of levity: follow the link to a product that no true Star Wars fan can live without; imagine holding your next Episodes I – VI marathon viewing event from the snugness of your very own tauntaun sleeping bag! 


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