Move It, Don’t Lose It?

 How long does it take to eat a large cookie? 60 seconds? You’d have to jog for 30 minutes in order to negate the calories contained therein. Sorry, folks, we just don’t have enough time in the day to compensate for chronically poor nutrition. I appreciated the reasonably cautious tone of this article; rather than dismissing exercise as a means for kids to lose weight, it points out the importance of emphasizing smart nutrition first, with physical activity playing a supportive role. 


Waist Not

The abdominal muscles extraordinary: they connect your rib cage to your pelvis and transmit forces from these areas up and down your spinal column. Of the four layers of muscle, the internal and external obliques which define your waist are rather aesthetically pleasing in their overlapping, fan-like arrangement along your sides. Don’t let these muscles go to waste (smirk); check out this article for Pilates exercises for your obliques.

Lest You Think Me DisinGENUous…

…I do know a bit about that most complex of diarthroses, the genu, or human knee. Baffling as a Gordian knot, this system of complicated straps, pulleys, and multiple types of shock absorbers enable us to walk upright, freeing our hands for important tasks like checking Facebook while talking on our smartphones. Check out this article I wrote for The Nest online magazine to give your knees a little TLC.