Spring Abandon

In the spirit of the riotous change that is springtime, please enjoy the following video in the spirit of keeping a light heart during tumultuous times. 


Linguistic Gymnastics

I love language, so much in fact that my students only half-jokingly refer to our Pilates workouts as “Talk-A-Lot-ees”. For all those of you who are as intrigued by regional variations in dialects as I am, take a break and scan this amazingly dense but infinitely delightful web page.


Never underestimate the power of language. The American College of Sports Medicine launched an initiative in 2010 entitled “Exercise is Medicine” in part to communicate with health care consumers and providers regarding the benefits of daily physical activity. (Unfortunately, EIM is sponsored by Coca-Cola. Oy, vay.) So if exercise IS medicine, just what is an “exercise prescription”? I’m so glad you asked. 


Hello, April!

This month is starting out beautifully, with gradually warming temperatures and the flowers turning their faces to the sun. If you are interested in green growing things, now is the time to get your hands dirty. If you are not so botanically inclined, you can still take a moment to feel the winds of change and new life blowing around you. 

Spend part of your Saturday at Pilates Fest! hosted by Valerie Kirch this Saturday, April 6th. There is something for everyone, including classes, demonstrations and vendors.