Farewell, Winter

How did we get to the end of March, 2013? The arrow of time is pointing towards a beautiful spring and summer. Mark your calendar for April 6th: from 10 AM to 4 PM that Saturday check out Pilates Fest where I’ll be teaching an all-level yoga workshop at noon. 


Spring Sprung

Despite a chill in the city of Pittsburgh, the lengthening hours of daylight leave no room for doubt: spring has indeed arrived. Soon bulky sweaters and long-sleeved shirts will be packed away to be exchanged for tank tops and t-shirts. Prepare for the great reveal with Pilates! 

Moving towards Spring

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter, and this sometimes leads folks to open up the blinds and realize just how much dust has collected over the winter. While cleaning does burn calories (it helps to blast music you love and to move briskly), consider cleaning away cobwebs in your mind, as well. What negative thoughts have embedded themselves in your brain over the long, cold, dark winter? Are there any old habits of yours that you are now ready to bundle up and leave at the curb? 

Stretching Out

I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pencil, and I frequently find it to be both easy and enjoyable. Editing for publication, on the other hand…that is tough. What do you mean I can’t be sassy? What if I WANT to digress? Fortunately, I love a challenge. Click here to view my take on an age-old gym-rat question; to bench press with a barbell, or with dumbbells? 

Sugar, Salt, Fat

For those of us who are among the legions of the obsessed, this is really nothing new. For those of you who are not obsessed, you should at least pay a little bit of attention: you do eat, don’t you? Interview with the author on Democracy Now! begins at minute 31-ish.