Axial Tilt

Today we celebrated the Winter Solstice…the shortest day and the longest night here in the Northern Hemisphere. From this point forward, the days will gradually get longer, and the nights will get shorter: we celebrate light returning to the world in many different ways, often exchanging presents.  A member of The League of Extraordinary Contrologists crafted a poem and shared it with myself and the rest of our group. I can’t thank The Bard enough for her gift; like the Grinch, my heart grew “3 sizes that day”! Happy holidays, all.


A Vist From St. Joseph (Pilates, That Is)


‘Twas the night before mid-winter, when all through the room,
The students were changing into workout costumes.
Soon their spines were stacked, like books on the floor,
And prepped for twisting, lengthening, and more.

Then feet were awakened, and stretching began,

While Amy revealed her Super Fun Push-Up Plan,
The students marveled at her skills (both physical and linguistic),
While noting that her tone seemed just slightly sadistic.

Then during an intense abdominal series,

While the class considered any number of theories,

I heard gasping and sighing, and “mat punctuation,”

I knew in an instant that poor Doug was in prostration.


Our little contrologist, so lively and quick,

Had us swimming in no time, with controlled flutter kicks.

Every core in the room was zipped up and across,

No sea urchins were harmed, (that would be a tough loss!)


“Curl in, curl in,” she reminds us, “Lengthen to lift,”

I thought to myself, this is such a great gift.

Beyond the leg circles, book tips, and laughter,

This class offers something so much sought after–


A group of people, all ages and sizes,

Who stick together no matter what problem arises.

Through changes in schedule, venue, and all,

We happily follow Amy, though we miss the big balls!




Happy Holidays to my fellow Extraordinary Contrologists!

–Lori Kantor, Dec. 2012







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