Shake It

I watched a colleague defend her PhD thesis yesterday, and enjoyed the peculiar “picking at the scab” feeling of watching her reach a milestone I once sought. While wandering around my old academic haunt, I paged through a copy of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, one of the main scientific journals for exercise physiologists. WBV, or whole-body vibration training, continues to intrigue physical therapists, athletes and coaches. So I looked further into this mode of exercise, and discovered 3 things: first, it improves performance ACUTELY, meaning that there are fitness gains in strength, power and flexibility immediately after training on a vibration plate; second, studies demonstrating longer-term strength gains from this form of training have been done primarily on older adults; and third, claims that WBV increases bone density in humans may have been greatly exaggerated. 

Curious? Shake your way on over here for more scholarly details.


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