After sweating through an intense “pre-turkey-burner” workout this week I thought about the different energy systems in the body. In order to fuel muscles for activity, we move back and forth between these systems as needed. If we break into a full sprint (or engage in ballistic strength training) we are calling upon our stored reservoirs of sugar, oxygen, and some interesting energy storage units called creatine phospate and adenosine triphosphate. We use up these resources quite quickly, and after anywhere between 10 and 45 seconds we begin to fatigue…often experiencing great discomfort in the process between gasping for air and enduring intense muscular heat. Research into this “anaerobic” (without oxygen from the lungs or blood) system has shown that tapping it periodically can improve fitness in interesting ways. To learn more, check out this article from one of the more well-respected professional fitness organizations in the United States, IDEA.


Giving Thanks

Today I am grateful for sunshine, mild November weather, a week off from lecturing, and this adorable picture.


I’ve discovered the wonderful world of TED Talks. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design; famous folks and scholars stand in front of an audience delivering lectures on fascinating topics. One of my enduring pursuits is the study of the mind. By following this link you can listen to Martin Seligman, considered one of the pioneers of positive psychology, speak on this topic. Enjoy!

Winter Approaches

The season turned ferocious over Halloween, and the East Coast continues to recover slowly. Let us keep hope and lightness in our hearts. The electricity is still out in so many places: it’s a good thing that cat treadmills are not motorized!