The Gold Standard

We live in a sea of information, and often it seems as though we’re drowning rather than surfing! When it comes to exercise, it is vital to be able to discriminate fact from the latest fad. A better place than most to start investigating is here, at the American College of Sports Medicine, often thought of as being the creators of a ‘gold standard’ for a scientific approach to exercise and fitness.

Yes, they take money from questionable sources (Coca-Cola? Really??!) but at least there are double-blind, placebo-controlled trials reported in their peer reviewed journals. Happy browsing!


She Blinded Me With Science

How much is your health worth? You are quite literally everything that you ingest, and your body was built to move, not to sit. But perhaps all of the media hype surrounding our ‘crisis of sedentary living’ is just that…hype. Or is it? Examine what I’ll refer to as Exhibit A and ponder the information you discover.

Joe Said

Joseph Pilates created an exercise system which he referred to as “Contrology”, or the study of control (of the body by the mind). Over many decades his work has been scrutinized, pillaged, refined and squabbled over but it you would like a taste of the real deal, you must go to the source.


Welcome to my little corner of the collective mental experience known as blogging. If you are curious about all things exercise-science related, especially the mind/body disciplines of yoga and Pilates, you’ve come to the right place. Be prepared for science and evidence-based notes on fitness, health and wellness interspersed with wide ranging random ramblings of pure delight. Find your point of control, keep those abdominal muscles engaged, take a deep breath in, and exhale to execute your commands…